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Twitter: The Ability to Encapsulate Human Thought in 140 Characters

In depth research, conducted from the studies of the Global Language Monitor revels no surprise to Twitter loyalists across the nation; recording the common online English language trends for 2009, the new-found household name “Twitter” claims its place as 2009’s most popular.

Twitter grew rapidly in 2009, a mere three years after it was founded, popularized by mainstream mass media outlets; changing daily life across the globe, in a micro-blogging limitation of a mere 140 characters. Obama took the second spot, for 2009; while “H1N1” reflected a nationwide scare for the third most popular term used online.

The death of the legendary Micheal Jackson, who reflected second on the list of iconic names, stole the title of 2009’s most popular online phase; with “King of Pop” — mirroring search results for Microsoft’s new search engine “Bing”, which was beat out by a tweeting blogosphere.

"Unfriend", the act of removing a follower on Twitter, claimed the top spot for Oxford Dictionary’s Most Popular Word; results proving that Twitter took 2009 by storm.

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